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Tire Plug Service

Tire Plug Service

There are a lot of service trucks that drive around our roads and highways dropping screws and nails from the back of their pick up trucks without knowing.

Or you are a project manager who is always driving around construction sites with nails or screws all over the place. Whatever the case, if you are unfortunate to have caught one of these nails or screws in your vehicle tire and have a slow leak on your tire at home or on the highway, that can be plugged then call on us to help.

Do not remove the nail or screw yourself until you know you have the tools availabe to repair the tire. Removing the nail or screw yourself will let all the air out of the tire even faster so if you are ready to fix it do not remove the nail or screw yet. Before you call us make sure you can see a nail or screw in the top part of the tire, and if the damage is on the side of the tire where the size and psi numbers are instead of the top flat surface that rolls on the ground, then we are sorry you need to replace the tire becuase it can not be fixed.

In cases where your tire is destroyed and can not be plugged, we will have to take it off and drive it to the closest tire shop to have a new or used tire installed, balanced and drive it back to your vehicle to be put back on your car. We are open 24 7 including holidays and service the whole Atlanta metro area.

We plug tires for motorcycles, cars, atvs, golf carts, light duty box trucks and trailers.

If you request a service and you do not call back and cancel within 10 minutes of us sending a technician out, you will be responsible for a gone on arrival fee of $39.99 so please take note of this. Thank You For Choosing Us - We Appreciate You Bussiness.

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